Last August, over 500 of us came together for our 6th Annual Women 4 Women Luncheon. We shared the struggles and triumphs of women, met new and old friends, and came together to bring hope. Together we raised $58,261 in one afternoon, and we are all grateful for the additional match from Shoe Show, Inc.!

Here's how you can get involved:

  • Mark your calendar for Saturday, 8/18/18 1pm-3pm

  • Be a Sponsor - click here to learn more and sign up

  • Everyone already on our mailing list will receive an invitation - click here to be added to our mailing and email list.  

  • Click here to look at photos from our past Luncheons!

    2018 Honorary Co-Chairs:
  • Carolyn Tucker
  • Jacqueline Tucker
  • Lisa Tucker
    2018 Committee:
  • Coretta Grant, Chair
    Johnson & Johnson
  • Christine Barrier
    NC State, Cooperative Extension Service
  • Alicia Broadway
    City of Concord
  • Hannah Templeton Cook
    Hair Dresser
  • Gail Holding
    Community Volunteer
  • Christel Josey
    Community Volunteer
  • Heather Starnes
    Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office
  • Judy Stoy
    Richard Petty Driving Experience
  • Deb Triece
    Retired Educator

2018 Sponsors


  • Robin and Alan Davis
  • Dona and Jerry Hagler
  • Rosemary and Mike Sullivan

  • Diana and Howard Bentley
  • Mike and Loretta Coltrane
  • Leslie and Christopher Flynn
  • Deanna and Norman Shue

  • Gail and David Holding
  • Rosemary and James Loftus
  • Judy and John Stoy
  • 31 Construction
  • Jill and Jim Wall
  • Martha and Richard Walters

  • Peggy and Carl Comer
  • Michele Durkin
  • Kay, Sonny and Katie Helms
  • Jon and Tina Tyler

  • Bryan Cook’s Tree Service
  • Karen and Vernon Byrd
  • Concord Printing Company
  • Mary Margaret Flynn
  • Jackie Freeze and D Evans
  • Karen and David Harper
  • Sheree and Robert Kear
  • Bess and Kent Kercher
  • Vergie and Bill Krimminger
  • Monica and Larry Layton
  • Margaret and Brian Moore
  • Helen Morrison
  • Annette and Scott Moss
  • Mary Anne and Charles Ritchie
  • Salon Autumn
  • Deb and Randy Triece
  • Ginger and Jonathan Zsambeky

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