These beautiful gardens cover approximately 10 acres. These gardens are a blend of Carolyn's spirituality and her love for fantasy. The stroll through her gardens begins off Hermitage Drive on the Aurora pathway, lined with moss, hostas, wildflowers, ferns and shrubs. The stairs lead you around a formal granite fountain and up to the house. A look to the left allows a view of what appears to be a bell tower which she and her grandchildren suspect is inhabited by a troll (fantasy). Off to the right, but hidden from view is her Secret Place (spiritual) where Lenten Rose grows alongside woodland shade plants, Solomon's Seal and ferns. Many of the ferns have been transplanted from their property joining Morrow Mountain State Park in Stanly County.

A waterfall and pond were added behind the house in 1992. River rock and slate stepping stones were hauled in by Bob and Carolyn for these projects from the creeks on their property in Stanly County. The pathway by the waterfall leads to the Conservatory where Carolyn and the granddaughters had tea parties, although they were not very excited about eating a nasturtium stuffed with crabmeat. Around the corner is the Lovers' Garden where a bench for two is tucked away.

The walk continues to the dripping fountain where frogs jump out of view and bog plants grow. Next is the cypress arbor where stones from Israel are cemented into a wall. A rock garden and night garden are next and by this time the visitor is ready for a rest and only the strong of heart are ready for the walk in the woods to her newest and never complete (where Old Turtle is said to live) behind the Carriage House.

In Carolyn's land of fantasy, the newest garden creation is a Hermit House of handmade brick which are made to look at least 500 years old. The imaginary hermit looks out his front door to see annuals planted into the shape of a large butterfly. (A symbol of the resurrection) Just outside the hermit's door is a huge stone that Bob discovered on their land in Stanly County. The stone has an indention in the shape of a cross. There are many other things to tickle anyone's fancy.

It is a peaceful place to spend a few hours. Many who attend, do just that. They sit in the swing and relax and enjoy God's creation.

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