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October is Domestic Violence
Awareness Month

And, each year we celebrate with our Domestic Violence Awareness BBQ!

Last October, the CVAN family came together to enjoy good food, good company and to celebrate what we have done together. We also heard personal stories, learned more about domestic violence, and re-committed for the coming year. Many thanks to all who came together! And, for those who couldn’t make it but made a special gift for Domestic Violence Awareness Month and were with us in spirit, thank you!

And, Mark your Calendar for Thursday 10/1/20!

And, Click Here to see photos of our past BBQ's!

    2020 Committee:
  • Angela Colombero, Chair
    B.A. Hoft
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    Aon Risk Solutions
  • Tamara Eller
    Creative Testing Solutions
  • Beryl Perkins
    Maxim Healthcare
  • Heather Starnes
    Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office
  • Rosemary Sullivan
    Tooling Innovations
  • Beryl Torrence
    Kannapolis City Schools

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In our community - we do talk about Domestic Violence. Because first we listened to battered women. And since we began in 1982, we come together to say domestic violence is wrong and we are here for battered women and their children.

Take one minute to listen - to an actual 911 domestic violence call that became the first PSA for domestic violence during the Super Bowl.

The national NO MORE PSA Campaign is spearheaded by the Joyful Heart Foundation in partnership with NO MORE.

    10 things you may not know
    about Domestic Violence and CVAN

  1. In 35 years, CVAN provided safety, shelter and support to 30,134 women and children.
  2. "Rule of Thumb" comes from an old North Carolina law that said a man could beat his wife with a stick, provided it was no wider than his thumb.
  3. CVAN's newest program began in February 2013 - our Women's Jail Program. We do weekly domestic violence educational classes at the Cabarrus County Detention Center.
  4. VAWA - the Violence Against Women Act - was a landmark federal law that passed 20 years ago. It created funding, legislation and discussion that impacted Shelters, law enforcement and spurred a National Domestic Violence Hotline - 1-800-799-SAFE.
  5. In August, 1984, CVAN opened our Shelter. This summer, we had 4 children celebrate birthdays while staying in Shelter. The youngest turned one.
  6. Domestic Violence affects a woman's health in less obvious ways: Women who have experienced domestic violence are 80 percent more likely to have a stroke, 70 percent more likely to have heart disease and 60 percent more likely to have asthma than women who have not.
  7. The first Battered Women's Shelter in the United States opened in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1973.
  8. CVAN is an acronym for Cabarrus Victims Assistance Network - that's how we incorporated on September 10, 1981 - our "birthday" as an organization.
  9. October 8, 1984, over one-third of all American television sets tuned into the premiere of "The Burning Bed." Based on the true story of a battered woman, Francine Hughes.
  10. Your support does matter: A recent Shelter Resident wrote, "CVAN has given me a life that will keep on giving for eternity."

Click here to view and print off the Domestic Violence Awareness Matrix and see how you can explore the many ways that you can be more involved with CVAN.

The most important thing to do is to Listen & Learn:

  • Listen to her - it's one of the most powerful things you can do.
  • Give her our 24-hour hotline number (704.788.2826) to explore her options; talk about resources; and make a safety plan. Our hotline is confidential.
  • Know that she may not be ready to talk with us right away. Every woman has her own process.
  • You can also call our 24-hour hotline (704.788.2826) you can talk with an Advocate about her situation; our services and how to help her.
  • Know that she may not be ready to leave. Leaving is difficult and dangerous and is a unique process for each woman. Only she knows when she is ready to leave safely.
  • Learn:
  • A woman is battered every 15 seconds in the United States.
  • Between 85%-95% of domestic violence victims are women.
  • Approximately 1 in 3 adolescent girls are abused in a dating relationship.
  • Battering can happen to any woman. If you stereotype, then you will miss the battered woman in front of you.

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